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İzmir Agora Information


History: The İzmir Agora is an ancient marketplace that was built in the 4th century BC and used in the Roman period. The agora is located in the heart of the city and is one of the most important public spaces of ancient İzmir.


Excavations: Excavations at the İzmir Agora began in 1932. Excavations are still ongoing today.


Structures: The agora includes:

  • Stoas: Long, colonnaded structures that surrounded three sides of the agora and housed shops and offices.
  • Bouleuterion: The building where the city council met.
  • Theater: A small theater.
  • Temples: Temples dedicated to various gods.
  • Library: A library built in the Roman period.


Importance: The İzmir Agora was the center of commercial, political, and social life in ancient İzmir. The agora houses important examples of ancient Greek and Roman architecture.


Visiting: You can visit the İzmir Agora at any time. Admission to the agora is free.


Some interesting facts about the İzmir Agora:

  • The İzmir Agora is the largest and best-preserved of the Ionian agoras.
  • The agora was damaged in an earthquake in 178 BC and rebuilt in the Roman period.
  • The Bouleuterion in the agora is one of the best-preserved bouleuterions in Anatolia.
  • The İzmir Agora was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2020.

The İzmir Agora is one of the most important historical and tourist sites in İzmir. You can learn about the commercial, political, and social life of ancient İzmir by visiting the agora.