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Atatürk Müzesi

İzmir Atatürk Museum Information


History: The İzmir Atatürk Museum was founded in 1941 in the house where Atatürk stayed during his last visit to İzmir. The house was built in 1907 and belonged to Makbule Baysan until Atatürk’s death.


Building: The museum building is a two-storey, wooden frame and masonry structure. The ground floor of the building has a kitchen, bathroom, hall and two rooms; the first floor has three rooms and a hall.


Museum: The museum exhibits clothes, handwriting, photographs and gifts belonging to Atatürk. Some of the items used by Atatürk are also exhibited in the museum.


Visiting: You can visit the İzmir Atatürk Museum every day between 08:30 – 17:30. Admission to the museum is free.


Some interesting facts about the İzmir Atatürk Museum:

  • Atatürk stayed in this house for 10 days during his last visit to İzmir.
  • The museum was restored in 1973.
  • The museum is visited by approximately 200 thousand visitors every year.

The İzmir Atatürk Museum is an important historical site that tells the story of Atatürk’s last visit to İzmir. By visiting the museum, you can better understand Atatürk’s special connection with İzmir.