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Historical Elevator

İzmir Historical Elevator Information


History: The İzmir Historical Elevator was built in 1907 by the Jewish businessman Nesim Levi. The elevator was built to overcome the 58-meter height difference between Mithatpaşa Street and Şehit Nihatbey Street.


Features: The elevator has two wooden cabins and a wooden tower. The tower is built with bricks brought from Marseille. The elevator was first powered by steam, then by water. In 1985, it was converted to electricity.


Architecture: The elevator tower is built in the Neoclassical architectural style. There are Hebrew and French inscriptions on the facade of the tower.


Present Use: The Historical Elevator currently serves as a cafe, restaurant and bar. You can enjoy the magnificent view of İzmir from the terrace of the elevator.


Importance: The İzmir Historical Elevator is one of the most important symbols of İzmir. The elevator is an important part of the city’s historical and cultural heritage.


Visiting: You can visit the Historical Elevator at any time. Admission to the elevator is free.


Some interesting facts about the İzmir Historical Elevator:

  • The elevator was one of the first elevators in the Ottoman Empire when it was built.
  • The elevator was restored in 1990.
  • The elevator was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2007.

The İzmir Historical Elevator is one of the most important symbols of İzmir. You can learn about the city’s historical and cultural heritage by visiting the elevator.