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Meeting with the Flavors of the Aegean: A Gastronomic Festival in Our Hotel

Oğlakçıoğlu Park Hotel: Journey to the Flavors of the Aegean

Izmir is a gastronomic paradise to meet the rich and diverse cuisine of the Aegean. As Oğlakçıoğlu Park Hotel, we are proud to offer you, our valued guests, a gastronomic feast full of unique flavors of the Aegean. Here are 3 reasons to enjoy a holiday full of gastronomy at Oğlakçıoğlu Park Hotel:


1. Menu Enriched with Local Flavors

A wide menu ranging from fresh Aegean seafood to special Aegean herbs awaits you at our hotel’s restaurant. Our master chefs highlight the flavors of the Aegean with a special touch in each dish. Seafood, olive oil dishes, herbs and local appetizers are just a few of the main flavors on our menu.

2. Traditional Aegean Breakfast

One of the most special moments of our gastronomic feast is the traditional Aegean breakfast. Our hotel’s special breakfast menu is enriched with local cheeses, fresh olives, homemade jams and fresh vegetables. In this breakfast, the sun-drenched flavors of the Aegean will decorate your table.


3. Wine Experience: From the Famous Vineyards of the Aegean

The Aegean is one of the important wine producing regions of Turkey. Our hotel’s wine cellar is full of special wines selected from the famous vineyards of the Aegean. Our guests may have the chance to discover the exquisite wines coming from the vineyards of the Aegean.