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Location: Pasaport is a neighborhood located in the Konak district of İzmir. It is situated on the coast of the Aegean Sea and is adjacent to the Alsancak neighborhood.


Features: Pasaport is one of the most modern and luxurious neighborhoods in İzmir. The neighborhood has many high-rise apartments, hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Pasaport is considered one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in İzmir with its wide waterfront and palm trees.


Transportation: You can reach Pasaport by bus and ferry from many parts of İzmir.


Places to Visit: In Pasaport;

  • Kordon Boyu: It is one of the most beautiful and popular walking areas in İzmir.
  • Alsancak Stadium: It is the home ground of Alsancakspor football club.
  • Atatürk Cultural Center: It is one of the important cultural centers of İzmir.
  • Konak Pier: It is one of the most important ferry terminals in İzmir.

Things to Do: In Pasaport;

  • You can walk or ride a bike on the Kordon Boyu.
  • You can taste the delicacies of İzmir in restaurants and cafes.
  • You can watch a football match at Alsancak Stadium.
  • You can attend concerts, theater plays or other events at the Atatürk Cultural Center.

Pasaport is an ideal place for those looking for a modern and luxurious neighborhood in İzmir. The neighborhood has a wide waterfront, palm trees and many restaurants and cafes.