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Saint Polycarp Kilisesi

Information about İzmir Saint Polycarp Church


General Information:

  • Name: Saint Polycarp Church or Aziz Polikarp Kilisesi
  • Denomination: Catholic
  • Opening Date: 1625
  • Address: Şehit Nihat Bey Caddesi No:145, Konak, İzmir
  • Transportation: You can reach the church by many buses and dolmuşes departing from Konak.


  • Saint Polycarp Church was built in 1625 with the permission of the Ottoman Sultan I. Süleyman and the request of King Louis XIII of France.
  • The church takes its name from Saint Polycarp, a disciple of John the Apostle and bishop of Smyrna.
  • It was damaged in the 1688 İzmir earthquake and the subsequent fire. It was repaired in 1690-1691.
  • The monastery of the church, which was damaged in the fire of 1763, was destroyed. It was restored again with the support of King Louis XVI of France in 1775.
  • It was expanded and decorated with chapels during the restoration carried out between 1892-98.


  • The church is a basilica with a Latin cross plan.
  • The interior of the church has a colorful and ornate atmosphere.
  • The walls are decorated with frescoes depicting scenes from the Bible.
  • The ceiling of the church is decorated with frescoes and stained glass windows.


  • Saint Polycarp Church is open to visitors every day.
  • Admission is free.
  • Masses are held in English and Turkish in the church.