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Sirince Village

Where is Şirince Village?

Şirince Village is a neighborhood of Selçuk district in İzmir, Turkey. It is located approximately 80 kilometers from İzmir city center and 8 kilometers from Selçuk. The village is also very close to the Ephesus Ancient City.

Features of Şirince Village

  • Historical Greek houses: Şirince is famous for its historical Greek houses. These houses are made of stone and are usually two stories high. The windows and doors of the houses are decorated with wooden carvings.
  • Cobblestone streets: The streets of the village are cobbled and quite narrow. Walking through these streets, you will feel like you are in the past.
  • Wines: Şirince is also famous for its fruit wines. There are many wineries and wine tasting venues in the village.
  • Handicrafts: Handicrafts are also very common in Şirince. Many shops and stalls in the village sell handmade products.
  • Magnificent view: Şirince has a magnificent view. You can enjoy the magnificent view of Mount Yamanlar and Bozdağ from the village.

How to get to Şirince Village?

You can reach Şirince Village by bus from İzmir city center and Selçuk. You can also go to the village by private vehicle. There is no parking problem in the village.

What to do in Şirince Village?

  • You can visit the historical Greek houses.
  • You can walk on the cobblestone streets.
  • You can do wine tasting.
  • You can shop for handicrafts.
  • You can enjoy the magnificent view.
  • You can taste local dishes in the cafes and restaurants in the village.

When to go to Şirince Village?

You can visit Şirince Village every season. However, spring and autumn months are the ideal seasons to visit the village. In these seasons, the air temperature is not very high and you can easily explore the village.

Interesting information about Şirince Village

  • The old name of Şirince Village is “Kırkınca”.
  • The village was exchanged between Turks and Greeks in the 1923 Turkey-Greece Population Exchange.
  • Şirince Village was included in the Cittaslow (Slow City) network in 2012.

Tips for those who will go to Şirince Village

  • The ideal seasons to visit the village are spring and autumn months.
  • We recommend wearing comfortable shoes.
  • The sun rays are quite effective in the village. Don’t forget to use sunscreen and a hat.
  • Don’t forget to bargain.
  • There are many accommodation options in the village. You can find an accommodation option that suits your budget and taste.