HABERLER Meet our concept rooms that will make your special days unforgettable!


The Name of Romance in Izmir: An Unforgettable Love Holiday at Oğlakçıoğlu Park Hotel

As Oğlakçıoğlu Park Hotel, we welcome you with our concept rooms to make your special days unforgettable and take you to the peak of romance. In these special rooms, we dream with you to celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other special moments.


Concept Rooms: The Pearl of Romanticism

The concept rooms in our hotel are carefully designed to maximize romance. Every moment you spend in these rooms will be full of loving surprises. On your special days, desserts, cakes, cookies and concept decorations specially prepared for you are among the details that will make that moment unforgettable. Just enjoy this moment with your lover and leave the rest to us.


Holidays Designed According to Your Special Requests

As Oğlakçıoğlu Park Hotel, we prioritize the special requests of our valued guests. Whether for birthdays, wedding anniversaries or just a romantic getaway, we carefully prepare our concept rooms in line with your wishes. You convey to us every detail that is important to you, and the rest is our job.


Experience Love-Filled Moments at Oğlakçıoğlu Park Hotel

As Oğlakçıoğlu Park Hotel, our aim is to accumulate unforgettable memories with you and strengthen your love even more. We are here to immortalize your romantic moments and make you happy with our concept rooms. Choose us to discover the magic of love in our hotel, which is the name of romance in Izmir. We will be very happy to host you at Oğlakçıoğlu Park Hotel.